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Wellness Visits

At Marshall Animal Hospital our mission is to treat your pet like family and in order to do that, everything starts at WELLNESS! Wellness is a twice-yearly exam, our core vaccinations, and laboratory testing. This helps the doctors to ensure that your family member is given the best of care.

A Wellness Visit consists of:

Examination – During your pet’s exam, the doctor will check their skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, heart, lungs, abdomen, and teeth. As the doctor performs this exam, they will communicate with you step-by-step about what they are looking for.

Wellness Blood Screen – This is an in-house test that our doctors perform once a year. It helps us diagnose and discover internal issues that the doctor is not able to see visually during the exam. Liver and kidney function, glucose levels, and white and red blood cell counts are good examples. Performing this test yearly allows us to detect many health problems early on and prevent more serious issues.

Dental Exam – During the dental exam, the doctor will show you your pet’s teeth and educate you on proper dental care. Your pet’s teeth are one of the most important health considerations they have. Keeping them clean can help add years to your pet’s life.

Body Score – Much like a human, your pet’s weight is a large factor in their overall health. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight can add years to their life. During your pet’s exam, the doctor will tell you where your pet scores on our body score chart and where they might need to be. The doctor will also recommend the right diet for your pet.

Heartworm Test – The American Heartworm Society recommends that every pet be tested at least once a year for heartworm disease. This test is performed in-house and takes only 10 minutes to complete. This test is performed once a year.

Fecal Exam – A fecal exam is a test that checks for intestinal worms and should be performed every 6 months. Ensuring your pet has no worms is extremely important, as some of these worms can be passed to your family members.

Core Vaccinations – At Marshall Animal Hospital we do twice-yearly exams. By doing this we also split our vaccinations into two groups which help to eliminate vaccination reactions.

Heartworm and Flea Prevention – After each exam, the doctor will prescribe a monthly flea and heartworm prevention. Given once monthly, this can prevent flea and heartworm infestation. Remember, it is always less expensive to prevent heartworms than it is to treat them.