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4510 Elysian Fields Rd
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Grooming & Boarding

At Marshall Animal Hospital we treat your pet like family in our day and overnight boarding. When your pet is left in our care we treat it as one of our own, offering them a soft blanket and a bowl of fresh water and nutritious food close at hand. We take your pet outside three times a day so they get plenty of exercise and time to eliminate. Throughout the day we will also give them treats, such as dog biscuits, and plenty of love and attention. Marshall Animal Hospital also offers a complimentary bath for those who stay overnight with us! You also have the option of adding a bath to your pet’s visit if they are only staying for the day. The bath includes a nail trim, an ear cleaning, and an anal gland expression. These are just a few of the services we offer to help keep your pet happy and healthy when they come to stay with us.