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Dental Care

Keeping your pet’s teeth cleaned is essential to their health. Your pet can develop serious illnesses from swallowing bacteria for extended periods of time. It can eventually cause heart murmurs, strokes, kidney disease, and liver disease. By the time a canine reaches adulthood, 80% of them have already developed some form of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Home dental care can help prevent either of these diseases from occurring. Toothbrushes designed for canines and felines are best used as part of home dental care. There are also specifically formulated toothpastes for canines and felines use.

The doctors and staff at Marshall Animal Hospital are dedicated to making sure every patient is treated like our own and that every client understands the importance of good dental care. We perform dental cleanings every morning Monday through Friday. A dental cleaning is performed by a certified technician and consists of scaling under the gums and removing all plaque and tartar build up. We then polish the teeth with a polishing cream that also contains flouride. Your pet can return home that evening and will receive a goody-bag to help encourage at-home dental care.

Remember, you can help prolong your pet’s life by maintaining good dental care!